Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift and loyalty cards have become a powerful sales, marketing and retention tool for merchants.  Studies show that about 95 percent of all consumers have either bought or received a gift card and that companies who offer gift cards see a profit increase of about 30 percent.

By participating in our Partners’ gift/loyalty card programs, we enable you to take advantage of these great benefits: 
  • Increased cash flow

  • Consumers often spend more than the card’s initial value

  • You retain float on the funds for an average of 90 days

  • Using promotional gift cards as a marketing tool is less expensive than using advertising space

  • Our program makes it easy for you to fill client demand

  • Increased store traffic – gift card holders make multiple visits

  • No “back room” accounting

Features and Benefits:
  • A global reach, providing operational efficiencies
  • Robust, scalable platform
  • Security and regulation compliance, including tokenization solutions
  • Perform sales and refunds with quick, easy-to-use and flexible transaction management functions
  • User-friendly online reporting allows you to keep tabs on your transaction history in real-time.