Credit/Debit Card Processing

Credit/Debit Card Processing

Wilton Payments offers a wide selection of custom payment solutions and technologies – including, but not limited to, the following:
E-commerce solutions:

eCommerce and MOTO payment processing is right at your fingertips. At Wilton Payments we know the particular needs of online merchants processing transactions in a card-not-present environment. From credit card acceptance to gateway and shopping cart integration, our expert team provides a seamless integration.

Equipment/Credit card terminals:

Providing a full range of POS terminals, peripherals and supplies, designed to save both time and money while helping you make the most of consumer preferences, Wilton Payments will help you find the right terminal to operate successfully at your points-of-sale, wherever they may be. We provide you with the option to get a free terminal, or to lease or purchase various terminals and peripherals.



Staying current with mobile trends is essential in today’s market. Perhaps you have already recognized the power of mobile technology and have a mobile strategy as part of your marketing roadmap.

Wilton Payments can help extend your company’s internet presence to mobile. Utilizing our range of mobile commerce solutions, your customers can browse and purchase products on their cell phones through a mobile-optimized version of your website. Customer experience is enjoyable and effortless, and a consumer on any device can connect to your mobile website, and access all your products and services, anytime, anywhere. Our single-click mobile checkout process gives your customers the best possible user experience.


Business Intelligence:

Our partners’ processing platforms can provide online tools to help answer some of the following questions:

  • Where and why are my clients dropping off, for each stage in the payment process?
  • What is the potential revenue that I’m losing for each stage in the payment process and how can I limit this as much as possible?
  • How do my chargeback’s correlate to my refunds and my total number of transactions?
  • How should we manage our refund policy per country?